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residential organizing services

Would you like to learn how to de-clutter spaces and surfaces and put systems in place to keep them that way?

Do you need a system to get the endless piles of laundry under control and no longer feel buried in it?

Would it be nice to start paying your bills on time, complete the tasks on your to do lists and enjoy a more peaceful environment?

Are you ready to develop good organizing habits?

If you’re ready, Trish can help you…

  • paper and mail management
  • playroom organizing
  • time and task management
  • bathroom organizing
  • home office organization
  • laundry system organization
  • clutter control
  • garages, attics and storage organization
  • kitchen organizing
  • chronic disorganization and ADD/ADHD
  • closet organizing, design and installation
  • children, seniors, and students
  • office organizing services

    Are you missing business opportunities due to your lack of organization?

    Do you leave work everyday only to face tomorrow with the same piles of paperwork, projects, and little progress on your desk?

    Is your cluttered and messy office reflective of your thoughts and focus?

    Are you ready to be efficient and productive, know where things are located in your office and tackle each day knowing how to accomplish your next move toward success?

    If you’re not sure how to get there, Trish can show you…

  • time and task management
  • ergonomics
  • paper management
  • chronic disorganization
  • filing systems
  • effective space arrangement
  • desk top organizing
  • habit building systems

  • situational disorganization solutions

    Sometimes when you’re dealing with a new event or a tragedy in your life your environment begins to suffer. Change is often difficult to make and hard to adjust to. If you are feeling overwhelmed with your belongings in your environment due to a situational change in your life Trish can help you. She takes a positive approach towards the future and how we embrace our belongings in it.

  • marriage – merging households
  • new baby – making room and organizing systems
  • divorce - letting go for a new start
  • death – letting go of and inheritance of belongings
  • job loss - getting organized to get out there again
  • college student - adjusting to small spaces and study habits
  • moving - front end purging and new home settling
  • staging - removing clutter to create a great first impression

  • get organized coaching phone sessions

    Some clients get the organization process after one session. Some need to establish an ongoing program with multiple organizing sessions in order to learn new organizing skills or work through years of disorganization and hoarding. But there are also clients struggling to break their lifelong habits with disorganization that can use a little extra coaching. Trish provides Get Organized Coaching phone sessions in conjunction with her hands on organizing sessions. If you feel you could use some additional support and guidance in developing your organizing habits, Get Organized Coaching phone sessions can help keep you on track. Get Organized Coaching phone sessions are a great way to stay motivated in your project and keep you going. Ask Trish about her fees for Get Organized Coaching. Phone sessions can be regularly scheduled from once a week, to once a month or quarter.

    speaking engagements and workshops

    Trish speaks regularly for clubs and organizations and provides workshops on the topic of organizing. If you are interested in having Trish speak or do a workshop for your club, office, or group please email

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