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  clutter control

  • Everything has a place. Remove items from the locations they do not belong. This will clear up the space, open it up and give it a simple clean look.

  • Utilize clear plastic storage containers for household items like light bulbs, batteries, tape, and candles separated by like with like and neatly labeled. This helps prevent the need to search for these things and creates a home to keep them stored nice and neat.

  • If you take something out, put it back when you’re finished using it. Period.

  • Try carving out a 15 minute block of time each day to do nothing but put things back where they belong. Set a timer, pick a great song, turn off the TV and get the whole family involved. Just stay focused and don’t let yourself wander.


  • Get rid of the piles of junk, toss it, shred it, file it, and respond to it. Most importantly open it right away.

  • If you’re tired of receiving credit card offers and you’re buried in junk mail take a couple of minutes to call the toll free number (1-888-567-8688) and opt out of prescreened offers of credit for up to 5 years. New regulations adopted by the Federal Trade Commission now require credit offers to prominently display the number. Call catalogue companies to discontinue the subscriptions you don’t enjoy. These simple steps will drastically cut back on the paper you bring into your home or office.


  • Stop combining everyone’s laundry and this will eliminate the time spent sorting out the clothes.

  • Assign every person in the family a day to get their 2-3 loads washed. Teach kids how to do their own. They’re more than capable so give them their own basket and get started while they’re young. If you wait until their pre-teens you might experience push back. Younger children are more excited to learn something mom and dad typically do. If you don’t believe this is possible give Trish a call, 713-855-7008.

  • letting go

  • Ask yourself the tough questions when you begin to feel attached to something you no longer need, use or love. When was the last time I used this? Is it still of use to me? What is the worst thing that could happen if I let this go?

  • Help kids learn to purge their toys by setting a goal for keeping a certain amount. Use the process of elimination to help them learn how to identify which toys mean the most to them. For example, if they have 10 dolls let them pick their top 5 favorites and donate the rest to your church or charity.

  • Implement the one in one out rule in your household. If you’re really bogged down with clutter implement the one in two out rule.

  • And ask for help when you’re feeling too overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Trish can help you prioritize your organizing needs and projects and give you the hands on attention you need to accomplish your organizing goals. To schedule an organizing session email
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